Which is the best business series laptop to buy in Nepal in 2022?

2/26/2023, 11:40:14 AM

Why choose business series laptop over personal use laptops?

There is a very simple answer to that.

Since, Business series laptop are optimized by the manufacturers themselves for longer active periods than personal use laptops.

In addition to those, there are some key features to business series laptops including factory installed Windows 10 Professional and even Microsoft Office in some of the choices to make your work life a much more easier. Personal use laptops cannot provide you a 40 hour workweek support on battery life and are overloaded with unnecessary features and apps. On the other hand, business series only provide bare essential apps and features and are highly configurable. Furthermore, warranty for about 3 years and some extended support.

There are many choices for you to look onto so we have done the hard work of classifying them based on rankings given by our expert team and customers. However, the decision is always yours.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad
  2. Dell Latitude
  3. Dell Vostro
  4. HP EliteBook & HP ProBook
  5. Toshiba Portege Dynabook

Lenovo ThinkPad

ThinkPad is the business series laptop which focuses more on productivity. Lenovo's ThinkPad has many great features however, the red trackball alike notch mid of G,H & B keys is your goto deal for data entry and heavy typing intensive works.

The various Lenovo ThinkPad series are explained in the post: Lenovo ThinkPad Family - various ThinkPad Series.

Dell Latitude

Latitude has an excellent exterior and outstanding performance. The diamond-cut edges and a wow factor excellent battery life gives Latitude its position in business series laptops. Alongside with stunning sharp visuals, perfect light sensing AI, audio intelligence and support for persons with eye disorders. Dell's Latitude also comes with factory installed Windows 10 Professional, often upgradable to Windows 11.

Dell Vostro

Vostro was discontinued by Dell in the year 2013 and was again resurrected in early 2015. What really distinguishes Vostro from Latitude is the availability of array of ports and hardwares like fingerprint scanner and commercial security measures builtin in the motherboard for encryption keys.

However, the bulky size and single cooling fan opposed to Latitude's two fans is like a no-to-go. But when taking a look at data security and ease of access Dell Vostro is worth considering since it also comes with OS preinstalled.

HP EliteBook & HP ProBook

HP EliteBook & HP ProBook both are a family of high quality business series laptops. EliteBook is the lineup of premium class notebooks while Probook is just a budget friendly alternative to EliteBook since EliteBook is targeted to large corporate while ProBook is targeted to SMBs.

Toshiba Portege Dynabook

Toshiba's Portege Dyanabook is one of the best business series laptops available in the market. However, it has not been a leader in the field and is often spoken of. It also comes with WIndows 10 Professional factory installed and comes in three different series: Business Premium, Business Enhance and Business Essential. It also has 3 years warranty and other many features.


In today's time Lenovo Thinkpad and Dell Latitude are leading various business to their successes however, other competitors also provide same things to the table. So, at last, THINK WISELY. Yours business depends on it. Just joking. It's you, not the laptop, that yours business depend on.