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NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 40 Series with almost 4X Performance
5/26/2023, 5:09:50 PM

The article introduces the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, which are based on the Ada Lovelace architecture and offer much higher performance than the previous 30 series. The article also lists some of the features and technologies that make the 40 series stand out, such as DLSS 3 Technology and Advanced Ray Tracing. The article also mentions the prices and availability of the 40 series, which are higher than the 30 series but justified by the performance boost. The article concludes by expressing optimism for NVIDIA’s future innovations.

HP Victus 15 with 13th Gen Intel Processor and NVIDIA RTX 2050 Graphics – Best budget gaming laptop – Aug 2023
5/31/2023, 7:05:54 AM

This article talks about the features of Hp Victus 15 and explain how it is a best choice to consider buying Hp Victus 15 - 13th Gen Intel as a budget gaming laptop.

12/9/2023, 10:48:31 AM

Here are some of the most affordable and powerful laptops available at ItechStore.

12/30/2023, 2:33:44 PM

Retailers are getting ready for NVIDIA's Special Address, which will see the company introduce its new line of GeForce RTX 40 cards, as CES 2024 draws near.

1/17/2024, 3:57:55 PM

The Dell XPS 15 are premium laptops that feature a sleek and elegant appearance, with a platinum silver shell and a black interior that hasn't changed much in the last seven years.